3S Car Rentals

3S/Car Rentals has been designed to help you manage efficiently all your basic rental operations, through a simple and user-friendly module. 3S/Car Rentals allows you to add and edit customer’s info, finalize and confirm reservations and ultimately rent cars to your customers. You can view information about any customer in the database: his data, contacts, vehicle type, rental period, office the reservation was made, drop-off location, etc.

  • Files: Vehicle categories, vehicle type, customers, sellers, drop off locations, insurances, drivers.
  • Contract management.
  • Contract search based on reservation status, delivery location, drop off location, customer, vehicle.
  • Receipts management and cash flow statement issue with analysis based on cash, credit cards and checks.
  • Customer’s statement issue.
  • Supplies statement automatic calculation.
  • Contract search based on balance.
  • Statistical analysis based on income per customer, location, vehicle.
  • Vehicle’s performance statistical analysis.