About us

3S is an innovative software company serving successfully for three decades, more than 120 travel agencies in Greece and overseas. Focused on your business success, we dispose a wide range of robust software solutions and services.

ERP Systems

Extended back office solutions, designed with unique expertise to cover even the most sophisticated business needs of the incoming tourism industry. A range of innovative automation modules, offers an unmatched workflow and an extensive control of all related departments (reservations, sales, operation, excursion and accounting).

Online booking systems

3S continually works to deliver cutting- edge solutions for online distribution of travel products and services. Developing custom B2B and B2C XML interfaces in connection with 3S/ITP ERP, we assist you maximize the use of your existing web assets, expand your sales network and boost growth of your travel business. Starters can immensely benefit too, from our end-to-end Web and back office solutions.

Consulting & Training Services

3S offers extremely competent consulting and training services, through the complete understanding of your unique business needs. Our specialists’ team, demonstrates proficiency, expertise, and an unmatched tourism business know-how, resulting in top class software solutions.

Why choose us for your business partner?

Benefit from three decades of combined experience. We have committed our careers to the success of your business and ours.

Stay ahead. The business of travel is ever-changing. Stay static and you’ll be left behind. In this dizzying pace, 3S gives all the tools you need to succeed.

Count on us to power your business performance and efficiency with the 3S/ITP ERP solution.

Rest assured, we are here to help you. From local to online support services, we are focused on your success.

Unique expertise, Innovation, Commitment, that’s why successful companies work with 3S.