3S Interfaces

Incoming tourism industry is largely based on mass tourism. A large number of Greek agents constantly repeat standard procedures in order to cooperate with major Tour Operators. Automatic processing of these standard exports has obvious and measurable benefits. Our company, has developed an extended list of fast and user friendly interfaces. In collaboration with our customers, we have implemented with great success the listed below interfaces, which concern automatic bookings imports and pricelists import & export.

  • Alltours
  • Aurinko
  • Biblio Globus
  • F.T.I.
  • LTur
  • MTravel
  • Natalie
  • Olympic
  • On Holidays
  • Pegas Touristik
  • Schauisland
  • Sundio Flight Manifest
  • Sundio
  • TEZ Tour

Other Interfaces:

  • ALPI Interface – Proforma import to 3S/ITP ERP – Invoice export to ALPI Tour.
  • Alltours interface – Transfer orders import for Grecoservices S.A.
  • Grand Star Hellenic – Pricelist import from Grand Star Hellenic website to 3S/ITP ERP
  • Callisto – Data export and bookings import interface between 3S/ITP ERP and Callisto.
  • Tez Group – Pricelist export from 3S/ITP ERP to TEZ ERP.
  • Travel Zone – Pricelist import from Travel Zone website to 3S/ITP ERP.
  • 3S/Transport Import – Transfer orders import from client using also 3S/ITP ERP.
  • 3S/Transport Import – Transfer orders import from Navisio to 3S/ITP ERP.
  • 3S/Transport Export – Transfer orders export to client using also 3S/ITP ERP.
  • 3S/Accounting Interfaces of 3S/ITP ERP – Accounting Interfaces with Singular, Kefalaio, SAP and Epsilonet.