3S Reservations

3S/Reservations is successfully implemented in more than 120 Incoming Tourism Agencies with varying activities, proving its great flexibility. Our basic system, performs all tasks required to complete a reservation. Once database has been updated, most of processing is automatic according to entered bookings. Purchase and Sales contracts are entered directly without any “special” preparation. Reservations are checked on-line, based on services information, contract terms, and other details in database. Once creating a booking 3S/Reservations will automatically:

  • Generate and print the appropriate reservation documents to suppliers of services and clients
  • Calculate prices and prepare a “Performance Analysis” for each client file
  • Calculate and create invoices

A number of extra modules, each one handing specific tasks in greater detail, can be combined with 3S/Reservations, to form a configuration that best suits our clients exact needs.  

  • Database : agents, suppliers of services (hotels, transfers, organised tours, organised cruises, car rentals, tickets, restaurants, guides, etc.), services information (descriptions, timetables, …) purchase and sales contracts.
  • Bookings Processing: Reservations, Amendments, Cancellations.
  • Client files printout.
  • Quotations printout.
  • Automatic generation and printout of reservation forms/vouchers.
  • Registration of vouchers sent to suppliers (confirmed or pending)
  • Income and expenses reporting and calculation of Profit/Loss per client file (Performance analysis).
  • Performance analysis printout per: client file number, arrival or departure date, file status (confirmed, offers, cancelled, finalised), invoicing status, user code.
  • Automatic calculation of possible standard handling fees per client file.
  • Automatic recalculation and manual overriding facilities in case of contract changes or special rates per client file.
  • Early bookings handling
  • Proforma/invoice printout.
  • Auto Invoicing of client files and extras (debit notes).
  • “Payment forecast”
  • Arrival/Departure Lists.
  • Client files catalogue by: client name, client file number, operator’s name, date of entry, file status.
  • Various Services Journals: transfers, private tours, organised tours, car rentals, cruises, tickets.
  • Database : Allotments from suppliers, allotments to tour operators, commitments, release periods, detailed descriptions of accommodations
  • Grouping of accommodations per geographical position and a “user defined” category.
  • Handling of release periods/dates.
  • On line update from 3S/Reservations
  • On line occupancy status (remaining, booked, allotment) per: accommodation, accommodation category, tour operator, room type, geographical position.
  • Room status display (reserved, occupied, options, overbooked) for “commitments”.
  • “Zoom facility”, showing reservation details for each room.
  • Automatic handling of options (from suppliers/to tour operators).
  • Booking position report (detailed or summary).
  • Hotel situation lists (rooming lists).

Module serving the financial monitoring of customers repayments. Control is carried either by netting the rest of each customer or based on registered bookings. Excellent screening tool, especially for businesses without internal accounting department.

Module serving the financial monitoring of suppliers. Control is carried on registered bookings and not on invoiced services, providing an excellent screening tool, especially for businesses without internal accounting department.

Module providing automatic creation of invitations & client vouchers, required for visa issue from the Russian authorities Highly useful, especially for travel agencies operating in the russian market.


  • Monthly Arrivals: 12 month analysis of arrivals (pax) per agent (pax, overnights, files)
  • Analysis per service category.
  • Analysis per file.
  • Analysis per supplier.
  • Monthly analysis arrivals of adults and children.
  • Overnight analysis per location & accommodation.
  • Monthly turnover analysis by separating invoiced, no invoice, to be invoiced.
  • Weekly arrivals (transfer based) per accommodation.


  • Aggregate results
  • Analysis by category of service.
  • Analysis per service.


  • Analysis of results
  • Aggregate overnight results by region.
  • Overnight analysis per room type.
  • Results per file.


  • Statistical analyzes per service.
  • Monthly analysis of individuals per cruise.
  • Total persons per cruise.


  • Users “productivity” based on their registered files.
  • Previous years’ data statistics comparison.

Optional module for circuits management Concentration of tour participants. Tour services management. Invoice and name list issue for all services. Automatic cost dispatch to participants.

Automatic vouchers send out to fax or e-mail through registered bookings.