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3S Web Cruises

3S/Webcruises is licensed using a subscription-based model. It depends on 3S/ITP ERP back office, from which it gets automatically all necessary information and also automatically transmits bookings. Thus, using a simple Web Interface, each sales representative disposes all data needed for ticket selling, replacing time consuming communication through fax or telephone.

The ideal solution for one day cruise online booking, through a specialized B2B web interface with the following features:

  • Controlled access to the system.
  • Personalization of data for each sales representative.
  • Files: Sales representatives, tour operators, cruises, cruises schedule and timetable, availability, prices.
  • All above data are accessible on line to all representatives, without permission for any kind of intervention.
  • Representatives booking lists, with various filters (date of cruise or booking date, representative, agent, cruise, accommodation, pickup point, client name).
  • Booking form with a series of automated checks and information such as: ticket number, cruises schedule by date, possible stop sales, availability, pickup time, price calculation.
  • Automatic on-line information of 3S/ITP ERP.
  • Voucher / ticket printout.
  • Sales Reports for liquidation preparation.
  • 3S/Wecruises permits only new bookings entry, without any access to changes, cancellations or free tickets for adults and children. In all these cases, every representative has the option to communicate similar requests to the central system through e-mail. Once changes accepted and registered to the back office system 3S/ITP ERP, they will automatically appear in the related online booking too.